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Stephanie Mruzek was an enthusiastic student working on a BSc at Pensacola Christian College in 2018. Shortly after having a meeting with her biology teacher, Stephanie overhead a conversation about snakes, one of her favorite animals. Caleb Bomske was working on his MSc in herpetology and it was not uncommon to hear conversations about snakes around his office. On his way to a class of his own, he heard someone call his name. Stephanie, sensing a kindred spirit, had followed him into the hall. Thus, Caleb and Stephanie made each other's acquaintance, over a brief discussion of snakes in the academic hallway.

Bomske 06.JPG

After more chance encounters around town and across campus, it became apparent that Caleb and Stephanie had a lot in common. He asked her if she'd like to go herping and the pair were soon taking time almost every weekend to explore the great outdoors with each other and friends. Sadly, Caleb's PhD called him to Kansas for the next 4 years, but the friends stayed in touch. Finally moving back to Pensacola in 2022, Caleb resolved to ask Stephanie to date him. Six months later, on January 28th, he asked a far more important question: "Stephanie, will you marry me?" She said yes! Now they are preparing for the next chapter of their exciting, adventurous lives together-- marriage!

While Stephanie and Caleb have many (unique) mutual interests, their love story revolves around their savior, Jesus. As they both pursue their relationships with God as the most important thing in their lives, they have continued to grow closer to one another. Their hearts' desires is to serve God in every capacity, including a godly, Christ-centered family.

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